Volunteering at Aanifeira

Volunteers engage in various tasks to ensure the well-being of the animals, such as cleaning living spaces, feeding, providing medical care, and ensuring the overall maintenance of the shelter. Volunteers work under various weather conditions and must be regular to build trust with the animals.

  • Tags: animals,Cooperative Work,Informal Skills,Volunteering
  • Name of organization: Aanifeira
  • Title of activity in local language: Volutariado na Aanifeira
  • Gender: All
  • Suggested age: All ages
  • Type of Activities: Daily care of cats and dogs, including cleaning, feeding, grooming, washing blankets, and maintaining the shelter.
  • Resulting Informal Skills: Empathy and social responsibility
  • Resulting Formal Skills: Increase academic self-efficacy and capacity of self-organization
  • Implementation period: Ongoing - Regular attendance is important, with a minimum commitment of once per week.
  • Resources needed: Cleaning supplies, grooming tools, food for animals, veterinary supplies, blankets, and other shelter maintenance tools.
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