Pierikos Football Academy

The “Pierikos Football Academy” in Katerini focuses on boosting self-image and self-esteem among boys aged 10-18 through sports. Participants engage in regular football training sessions and practice matches, where they learn advanced techniques, strategies, and the importance of physical fitness. The program includes team-building exercises, leadership development, and workshops on nutrition and mental health to foster a holistic approach to self-improvement. Boys participate in local and regional tournaments, providing opportunities to showcase their skills and gain recognition. Professional athletes and coaches mentor the participants, inspiring them to set and achieve personal goals.

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  • Name of organization: Pierikos FC Academy
  • Title of activity in local language: Ακαδημία Ποδοσφαίρου Πιερικός
  • Gender: All
  • Suggested age: Students aged 06-18 from various socio-economic backgrounds, including those from underprivileged communities in Katerini and surrounding areas. Primarily boys, but open to all genders
  • Type of Activities: "Regular football training sessions and practice matches Physical fitness and conditioning programs Team-building exercises and leadership development Workshops on nutrition, mental health, and positive self-image Participation in local and regional tournaments Mentorship from professional athletes and coaches"
  • Resulting Informal Skills: Self-confidence, Better self-image, Reinforce capacity to make own future decisions
  • Resulting Formal Skills: Increase academic self-efficacy and capacity of self-organization
  • Implementation period: sessions held during after-school hours and weekends
  • Resources needed: "Sports equipment Educational materials for workshops Transportation for tournaments and events "
  • Funding Agency: The programme is funded by Pierikos FC, sponsorships from sports brands, local businesses, and community fundraising efforts.
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