Olympus Festival Youth Theatre Program

The Olympus Festival Youth Theatre Program in Dion, Pieria, provides a platform for young people aged 10-18 to engage in various theatrical and cultural activities. The program includes acting workshops, music sessions, and performances that culminate in a live show at the historic Ancient Theatre of Dion. Participants work with experienced theatre professionals to develop their skills in a supportive and creative environment, fostering a sense of belonging and improved self-image.

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  • Name of organization: Olympus Festival
  • Title of activity in local language: "Φεστιβάλ Ολύμπου Πρόγραμμα Θεάτρου Νεολαίας "
  • Gender: All
  • Suggested age: Youth aged 10-18
  • Type of Activities: Music, Theate, Cultural activities
  • Resulting Informal Skills: Self-confidence, Improved sense of belonging
  • Resulting Formal Skills: Improve reading and language skills, Improve art skills
  • Implementation period: Annually during the summer months
  • Resources needed: Theatre space Musical instruments Costumes and props Trained theatre instructors Marketing and promotional materials
  • Funding Agency: Olympus Festival, local sponsors
  • Contact person: Grigoris Papachristos
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