Environmental Protection for Youth

The “Environmental Protection for Youth” programme by Friends of Olympus National Park aims to improve the sense of belonging among students aged 10-18 through engagement in environmental stewardship activities. Participants regularly take part in nature walks, conservation projects, and community clean-up events, fostering a connection to their local environment. Educational workshops and citizen science projects enhance their understanding of local ecology and biodiversity. Environmental advocacy campaigns encourage students to take an active role in protecting their natural surroundings. These activities build a sense of community, responsibility, and pride in contributing to the preservation of Olympus National Park.

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  • Name of organization: Friends of Olympus National Park
  • Title of activity in local language: Προστασία του Περιβάλλοντος για Νέους
  • Gender: All
  • Suggested age: Students aged 10-18 from various socio-economic backgrounds in Pieria, Greece.
  • Type of Activities: "Regular nature walks and environmental education sessions Hands-on conservation projects such as tree planting and habitat restoration Community clean-up events and recycling initiatives Workshops on local flora and fauna and the importance of biodiversity Participation in citizen science projects to monitor local wildlife Environmental advocacy and awareness campaigns"
  • Resulting Informal Skills: Improved sense of belonging, Reinforce capacity to make own future decisions
  • Resulting Formal Skills: Increase academic self-efficacy and capacity of self-organization, Improve reading and language skills
  • Implementation period: "Ongoing, with sessions held during after-school hours and weekends "
  • Resources needed: "Equipment and supplies for conservation projects (e.g., trees, tools, gloves) "
  • Funding Agency: The programme is funded by Friends of Olympus National Park, with additional support from local government grants, environmental organizations, and community fundraising efforts.
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