European University Cyprus (EUC) Outreach Programs

StEM Initiative for Secondary Education

  • Tags: #Stem #educationforall
  • Name of organization: European University Cyprus
  • Title of activity in local language: European University Cyprus (EUC) Outreach Programs
  • Participating countries: European University Cyprus (EUC) Outreach Programs
  • Gender: All
  • Suggested age: Secondary education students
  • Type of Activities: To encourage young people to enhance their entrepreneurial and innovative mindset along with their employability skills, secondary school students attend interactive and engaging workshops. Workshop topics include what professions will evolve in the future, how technology is changing our everyday lives and how the workplace will change in the near future.
  • Resulting Informal Skills: Self-confidence, Reinforce capacity to make own future decisions
  • Resulting Formal Skills: Increase academic self-efficacy and capacity of self-organization
  • Implementation period: 2 years
  • Resources needed: Educational and training material
  • Funding Agency: EU
  • Phone: 35722713000
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