Welcome to the EMPATISE Project!

EMPowering schools’ Action fostering Teachers’ Innovation, empathy & Support within the Educational community

The EMPATISE project is focused on transforming education through innovative approaches. Our goal is to equip teachers and educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to foster inclusivity and sustainability in their classrooms. By promoting a learner-centered approach and leveraging digital technologies, we aim to create engaging and effective learning experiences for all students.

The Educational Program

Our educational program under the EMPATISE Project offers a range of innovative resources and tools designed to enhance teachers’ professional development.

The Partners

The EMPATISE project is a collaborative effort between esteemed partners from across Europe who share a common vision of empowering teachers and educators.

E-learning platform (OERs for teachers & educators on non-formal learning & empathy-based pathway design methodologies; Interactive resource & service provider for cooperation & peer learning across educational communities in EU)

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